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Our ears are important as not only do we use them to hear, of course, but they also aid in our balance and position of our bodies.

Some people are born without any earlobes, known as ‘cagot ear’ and some may damage their ears as a result of an injury – boxers and rugby players commonly suffer with the infamous ‘cauliflower ear’.

But the main reason people pursue ear surgery is because of the way they look.

Too big, misshapen or protruding ears can have a huge impact on someone’s self-confidence and may cause a lot of distress and embarrassment.

‘Pinnaplasty’ is the procedure where the surgeon can pin back ears that ‘stick out’ but the surgeon can also increase the size of your ears if they are too small.

Cosmetic surgery can help change the shape, size or position of your ears and the procedure can also be performed on children to try and prevent any playground bullying which can destroy their self-confidence at such a young age.

Whether you feel like your ears protrude and need pinning or if they require some cosmetic alteration post-trauma, Mr Ahmed will tailor your treatment to ensure the results are natural and harmonious with the rest of your face.